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Welcome to San Tan Animal Rescue

These are our Sanctuary Dogs. They will stay with us forever. Each dog is with us for a specific reason and will live in our Sanctuary until they cross over the rainbow bridge. All these dogs still need yearly medical visits, food and shelter. So we need donations for them.

These are our sanctuary dogs....they will stay with us forever.



Sky was rescued  from Pinal County Animal control in October 2018. She is very feral and we have tried to domesticate her but she is way more happier living by herself. So she lives in our Sanctuary.  It may seem sad... but at least she has a cool place to live and lots of food and water.

Spark Plug


Spark Plug is a very sweet 16 year old  boy who came to us from a Valley shelter. He has on going treatment to remove fluid from a large tumor. We removed it.....but unfortunately it grew back and is cancerous. He is a very happy, playful boy who will live with us forever.



Hero was rescued from Pinal County Animal control. She is very feral and is most likely part Coyote.  She feels save and secure living in a home inside her dog house.