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Puppy Facts

All our puppies will be spayed or neutered, microchipped and current on their shots prior to adoption. We are very passionate about keeping our puppies healthy so we will continue to give your adopted puppy their DHPP vaccines until they have completed their series of 4 or 5 depending on age when we started their series, as long as you come back to see us. 

We ask that you fill out our Adoption Consultation Form  before you meet any of our puppies so we can review it prior to any meet and greets. 

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About our Puppies

These puppies are typical energetic puppies. They love to play, chew, bite, sleep, eat and POOP!! Puppies need exercise, training and are a life long  financial commitment. Please think carefully when adopting a puppy. They are lots of work but will give you a lifetime of love!!

Available Puppies

Olaf - Available

Dachshund / Chihuahua 

Born 06/29/2018

Weight - 8 lbs


Adoption Fee - $300

Contact - cathystarrescue@gmail.com

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